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Fiat Strada 130 Abarth Restoration

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A nice car to start with.

Stripped and off to the bodyshop.
We are currently in the process of restoring a Strada 130 for a customer.The car has been taken back to a bare shell.More details will follow.

Some history on the Strada

Our customers brief is make it as good as new or better.The car which was running and complete was delivered to us in February 2011 which is when work started.The car had to be stripped back to a completely bare shell,in most cases this term is not strictly true and some items can be left on when going for bodywork/restoration.In this case a bare shell meant bare - nothing - except quite a lot of rust which becomes apparant in later posts.

The car has come apart very well when you consider its Italian and over 25 years old.All parts removed have been tagged and stored ready for individual restoration be it powder coating or replacement.A photograpghic record has been taken for reference and posterity.
We will over the next few weeks bring you up to speed with the process of taking the car apart.

Here are some photos with the car in its original state:

Removing the engine

First task was to remove engine and transmission.Ancillaries such as radiator battery etc were removed and the engine lifted out via a crane.When the engine was out you could see at some point there must have been a small fire which had melted the choke cable and sound deadening on the bulk head.The wiring to the alternator looks to have been the likely cause.The engine is now ready to be stripped with items like the carbs starter and alternator being sent away for overhaul.

The bodyshell when stripped was looking quite tired with the inevitable hole here and there.The bodyshops brief was for the car to be better than new.

The body shop carrying out the work

pictures before :

The shell was transported to the bodyshop and a frame work made to support the body whilst work was being carried out.Once made the shell was soda blasted to reveal the true condition of the car.

The bodyshell was the extensively repaired and strengthened in places where the original design was floored.


The preperation before painting was outstanding and this shows once the car has been painted.

Next for the bodyshop was to trial fit the bumpers grille etc to check fitment and for all gaps to be symetrical. Once they were happy the shell was then transported back to us for the forst stage of reassembly.

Whilst the shell has been away the components removed from the car have been stripped and refurbished in a variety of ways.Most of the parts are no longer available so things like suspension arms etc have been media blasted and powder coated,washers and brackets etc have been replated,the shock absorbers have been refurbishes by koni.

The car has now been finished and is currently away being valeted before the customer takes delivery,here are a few pictures of the car up to comlpletion.More photos can be found on our facebook page.

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