In June 2010 we went to Italy for four days for Alfa Romeo's 100th birthday and the main celebrations were held in Milan. We also visited the Ferrari museum in Maranello, finishing off with a trip to the Alfa Romeo museum in Arese.

The following videos are a snap shot of our amazing trip.


In October 2008 we had the opportunity to travel to Italy and collect an Alfa 8c from the Maserati factory with our long time friend Brett who was privileged enough to purchase one of these highly sought after cars. The trip, which had been planned for sometime included several must see museums including The Alfa Romeo museum (closed for renovation but open if you own an 8c), Pannini museum, Lamborghini museum and Maranello. Once the car was collected we took in a tour of the Maserati factory and then took to the roads to try out the car which had taken almost 2 years to arrive.

The return journey could only be made in one direction via the unbelievable Stelvio Pass and Davos.

The following videos are a snap shot of our four day trip. More videos to come in the future.